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FREE over 4+ weeks. Empty
PostSubject: FREE over 4+ weeks.   FREE over 4+ weeks. EmptySat Feb 02, 2008 9:50 am

The SmartZ Way to Network Marketing - Renegade Marketing
- excerpts FREE over 4+ weeks.

Generate an immediate upfront retail profit or, monetize your activity.
What I mean by "monetize" is you want your marketing and all your other business
activities to pay for themselves. You donít want to have to be dipping into your own
personal reserves to fund your business.

A good way to look at it is this: Monetization is the process of turning what are otherwise
typical business expenses into sources of profit instead.
Sound good?

An example of this would be if a business turned their customer service center (typically
a huge expense for most companies) into a source of profits by training their customer
service reps to offer upsells to people when it fit their problem.
Monetization is one of the most powerful concepts in business and itís something thateven major corporations struggle with.

Failure to monetize can be the downfall of a

business. But on the other hand, successfully practicing it can catapult you to the top1% of your company,

and even your industry, in very short order.

Now, the main activity we need to talk about monetizing is prospecting.
Can you imagine what it would be like if people actually PAID YOU to prospect them?

This is not an exaggeration or some kind of tricky play on words that I just put on my
website to get you to buy this book. It is 100% reality when you learn how to do this
business right.

Hereís the situation: The vast majority of MLMers are taught to do things completely
backwards by trying to sell their opportunity first.
The reason this doesnít work is because our business opportunities are really back-end
products. Meaning, they should only be sold/offered to people who are already our
Trying to sell them to people right off the bat creates two MAJOR problems that almostguarantee failure before even getting started:

A business opportunity is way too difficult to sell as an up-front product. And ...
... Unless your conversion rates are insanely high,
there usually isnít enough initialprofit from selling your opportunity to fund your business.

You canít make
money fast enough to even survive (let alone grow).
Okay, what do I mean business opportunities are too difficult to sell up-front?
Well the reason back-end products are back-end products is because often times theyrequire a bigger commitment and carry a bigger price tag than the initial sale. Not always,but definitely in our case.

Trying to sell them to someone right away can be quite difficult

even with the best marketing strategies, never mind poor ones.

Excerpts from our e-book ( 143 pages ) -
If you want to Earn An Income While You Learn - contact us - 888-220-6275 - we have a blueprint.

To DIRECTLY contact us, please CLICK HERE

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FREE over 4+ weeks.
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