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 MLM'S Can Be Hazardous To Your Financial Health

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MLM'S Can Be Hazardous To Your Financial Health Empty
PostSubject: MLM'S Can Be Hazardous To Your Financial Health   MLM'S Can Be Hazardous To Your Financial Health EmptyTue Feb 12, 2008 9:25 am

MLM's can be hazardous to your financial health

You don't need the surgeon general to tell you that! You know the risks going in to it.

But there is the hype about all the money, the flashy websites with beach scenes, fancy cars and big houses. These sites prey on your emotions so, what can you expect from them?

They can't appeal to your intelligence and show you the real statistics or you'd never join.

Is it realistic for people to buy in to programs to make millions of dollars fast?

Many who are attracted to these sites may be one paycheck away from a financial crisis. So they buy in to a system or MLM hoping this will be their ticket to financial freedom. In the mean time, while they "build their downline", they are financially strapped or go broke.

Let's be realistic and frank about this, face our dreams and study step by step how to get there.
We can become clouded by the big picture…. the fancy cars, the big houses, the beach scene, but we will never get there with out a road map, driving directions, or a step by step plan. You can't go from 0 to 60 in five seconds flat without being very inefficient and you can't skip 5, 10, 20 MPH along the way.

These people are putting the proverbial cart before the horse.

Making millions does not come automatically and not overnight and most often, never.

If you are serious about what you are doing, then you need to finance your endeavor with some real money now, get a positive cash flow that will provide extra income to pay for your business.
You need a steady income now to pay for your product or your electric or phone bill.

And, there is power in numbers. You wouldn't dream of facing an entire football or hockey team by yourself. But if you were on a team, it wouldn't seem so bad and would vastly improve your chances of success.

Be a part of a team. Go into business for your self not by yourself!

Millions would solve all our financial problems right now!
How would $200 a month make a difference? .........Pay your utility bills.
How about $500 per month? ...............................Make a car payment
$1000 per month? .............................................Pay off your credit card debt.
$2000? ...........................................................Getting close to quitting your job now.
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MLM'S Can Be Hazardous To Your Financial Health
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